PointMan Ministries

The mission of PointMan Ministries is to reach, challenge, and equip men to be mature followers of Jesus Christ, and committed Christian leaders, guardians, protectors and providers of and for their families, churches, and communities, by acting with Biblical integrity out of reverence and love for and obedience to God.

"The integrity of the upright guides them"
— Proverbs 11:3

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"...My husband came home a new man. I'm so thankful you hosted this event and just wanted you to know that it greatly impacted our family..."                                            Click here to share how you have grown spiritually.                                            Upcoming Men's Conferences:           Maryland Iron Sharpens Iron National Men's Conference on March 12th.                       Greater Philadelphia Iron Sharpens Iron National Men's Conference on April 16th.                                            "I've been so impressed with ISI ministries. Their focus is dead on. Men who attend truly have a life-changing encounter with God."                                            "Iron Sharpens Iron continues to be used by God to inspire and train men of God."                                            "We need more ministries like PointMan that are investing in the men of our culture."

PointMan Ministries

PointMan Institute

Upcoming Events

PointMan Ministries seeks to “lead men to follow Christ.” With this in mind, we offer a variety of conferences, seminars, Bible studies and fellowship opportunities designed to help the local church. We are committed to equipping men to follow Christ’s example in their homes, in their workplaces, in their churches and in their communities.


PointMan Institute is designed to help men learn, grow, and mature in their faith. It offers comprehensive training and leadership development for the local church in the disciplines of men’s discipleship.


PointMan Ministries has conferences designed to help build men in their walk with Christ. Details about conferences and registration are located in the link below.

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What People Are Saying…

We need more ministries like PointMan that are investing in the men of our culture.  PointMan Ministries is helping to shape the biblical worldview and character of a generation of men, and the generation to come.  I’m grateful that they are sending warriors back on the battlefield for the Lord! Alex Kendrick Kendrick Bros, LLC

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