Center for Christian Leadership Development

The Center for Christian Leadership Development is designed to help pastors, ministry leaders and men learn, grow, and mature in their faith.  We offer comprehensive training and leadership development for the local church in the disciplines of men’s discipleship. The Center is the hub for our counseling, educational and training ministries as well as the focal point for pastors and ministry leaders to meet and discuss the issues they face in ministry today.We offer training and seminars on a wide variety of subjects and topics that can be tailored to small and large groups. PointMan Ministries is also creating new presentations that address the key issues of our day.  If you would like more information regarding one of our training seminars or course offerings, fill out the information request form

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The Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide theological and practical education that seeks to be faithful to the Scriptures and emphasizes the renewing work of the Holy Spirit in order to form men who will bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in the church or ministry in which they are involved.

Core Values

The Center for Christian Leadership Development is committed to the following core values:

  • Spiritual formation within the context of life-long learning, which recognizes the ongoing development of Christ-like character as the primary building block for Christian life and service.
  • Leadership development from a renewal perspective, which embraces the contemporary expression of the Holy Spirit.
  • Excellence in Biblical and theological education, which is grounded on the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and which reflects forward-looking learning.
  • Practical training and experience that promote healthy habits of the heart, mind, and spirit, and which equip graduate professionals for fruitful ministry in the church, community, and the world.
  • Advancement of world evangelization and discipleship, which are primary Biblical mandates.


The Center for Christian Leadership Development serves learners from many backgrounds. We desire to equip learners to minister effectively within their own church and various spheres of influence. In particular, we seek to serve learners and churches within our ministry region. As an educational and faith community, we assume that learners are active in ministry. Correspondingly, we seek to encourage their growth in Theological and Biblical integrity, Christian Leadership and commitment to the Church and its outward thrust in evangelism, discipleship and missions.

How the Center for Christian Leadership Development can help pastors, ministry leaders, and their families

In a survey done by the Fuller Institute of Church growth, 90% of the pastors surveyed felt that they were inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands. Over 70% of pastors surveyed said they did not have someone they considered to be a close friend.

Ministry leaders know the difficulties that come with being spiritual leaders. They and their families are often impacted greatly by the isolation they feel in doing ministry, mostly because they lack a safe place where they can be transparent and find the help they need.

The Center for Christian Leadership Development is here to help pastors overcome these kinds of barriers to healthy, successful ministry. The following are services we provide to help ministry leaders and their families.

Ministry Leader Gatherings

Our ministry leader gatherings are designed to connect, encourage, and equip pastors and ministry leaders through a meaningful time of training, fellowship, and prayer in a safe environment. These gatherings include two different types of groups.

The Pastors Round Table is a monthly gathering of pastors who are passionate about effective ministry and value the input of a group of trusted peers who are committed to each other’s health and success.

Man Up! Leadership Round Tables are meetings for ministry leaders from across denominational lines that allow them to come together on a monthly basis to discuss the needs they see in ministry and where we as a ministry can provide ongoing support and training for each leader to help them better run their ministries. We will share successes, challenges, ideas, resources, and spend time in prayer. Click HERE for more info.

Ministry Coaching and Mentoring

Ministry leaders often lack the time, objectivity, and opportunity to sharpen their skills, overcome their personal and professional obstacles, and reach the next level of excellence. We provide an opportunity to address areas where you would like to excel or where you may be struggling. Such issues may include time management, relational skills, preaching and teaching skills, organizational challenges, financial management and development, and strengthening your leadership skills.

Church Consulting

Often churches make decisions that require additional support. Building upon our years of experience in helping churches through these decisions, PointMan Ministries offers ongoing consulting services for pastors and ministry leaders dealing with the issues of business and ministry planning, crisis management, training, leadership evaluation, worship ministry development, and construction management.


Everyone experiences personal and relational issues that are hard to overcome. Even the best marriages and families face challenging and rocky seasons. Ignoring our problems invariably compounds them. Our counselors provide Biblical, Christ-Centered counseling to help you address issues and develop marital and family intimacy and stability. Our counseling staff offers help in areas including burnout, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, sexual addiction, major life transitions, and spiritual formation. Many are trained in emotional focused marriage and family therapy.


We offer training and seminars on a wide variety of areas and topics that can be tailored to small and large groups. The Center for Christian Leadership Development serves learners, both men and women, from many backgrounds. We desire to help them minister effectively within their church and various spheres of influence. In particular, we seek to serve learners and churches within our Mid Atlantic region. As an educational and faith community, we assume that learners are active in ministry. Correspondingly, we seek to encourage their growth in theological and biblical integrity, Christian leadership and commitment ot the church and its outward thrust in evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

Below are some of the training and educational programs and seminars we offer:


When Men are engaged, churches flourish

Building leaders God’s Way starts with training and equipping men to succeed in their own home. Men want to know what it looks like to ‘love your wife like Christ loves the Church’. Dads need training on how to ‘bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord’. Building godly men who lead well inside the home is a critical starting point to building godly men who will lead well outside the home. Sequence matters and God’s Word reminds us of that.

Although called by God to be the spiritual leaders, most men are spiritually adrift. Fortunately, a number of pastors and men’s ministry leaders see this as a major crisis and are recognizing the great need for their churches to reach out to men. However, most do not know how.

I would encourage you to consider hosting one of our ENGAGE : Building Your Church Based Ministry To Men training seminars at your own local church and begin an intentional process of Building Leaders God’s Way. Engage provides the game plan for developing a powerful vision that drives the actions needed from overall ministry to men down to impactful and meaningful men’s small groups. Remember, WHEN MEN ARE ENGAGED, CHURCHES FLOURISH. Engaging men to lead at the local church level is one of the biggest overlooked opportunities facing America’s churches today. The needs of men in the church are being missed, and the health of churches are at risk. Engage begins at a macro level helping to build the vision for your church to a micro level showing how to engage men and meet them at their deepest need, to be engaged in something powerful.


Learn to build a discipling culture and catalyze missional momentum in any context.

Man 2 Man Discipleship Training exists to excel men to greatness with their 4 W’s – World, Work, Women, & Walk. We do this by providing training for Pastors and Ministry Leaders that will allow them to establish an effective discipleship ministry in their churches.

Engage with the word, works, and way of Jesus while discovering the principles of going from having a ministry to leading movement: reproducing disciples instead of recruiting volunteers, multiplying communities instead of adding new people. You experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission (like Huddle and Missional Community), evaluate your current realities, and look to where God is calling you church.

The Disciple Making Pastor Training Seminar

Christ commanded the church to make disciples, to produce people who love and obey God, bear fruit and live joyfully. The crisis at the heart of the church is that we often pay lip service to making disciples, but seldom put much effort behind doing it. For the pastor or ministry leader who is ready to put words into action, the Disciple Making Pastor Seminar offers the inspiration and practical know how to do so. It shows obstacles that you will face, what disciples really look like, the pastor or ministry leaders role in producing them and the practices that lead to positive change.

Leadership Growth Program (LGP)

Since the early 1970’s, Haycock has been setting the standard in developing young men into Christ-like leaders through our Leadership Growth Program. Please read the description of this 6-week long program specifically designed for 15 and 16 year old young men. Come and have a life-changing summer at Haycock that you will never forget!

For Dates Cost Register
Boys 15-16 June 26 – August 5 $650 Sign Up Now.*

This six-week program couples physical hardship and training with intense spiritual discipleship to foster the development of boys into Godly leaders.

Phase 1 includes the challenges of work projects, wilderness camping, hiking, and canoeing, along with the physical conditioning of running and swimming.

Phase 2 emphasizes the development of leadership qualities through staff apprenticeship in all areas of our camp program.

These young men will be continually challenged to function as a unit and to grow as Christ-like servants throughout the summer. Come and experience a summer that will change your life forever!

*Acceptance is through application and personal interview by Haycock’s Executive Director prior to camp. Interested young men must be fifteen by summer of 2015. Please contact the Executive Director ( or 610-346-7155) with any questions. You should not register online until you have gone through the interview and application process.


A year-long discipleship program of Haycock Camping Ministries

1 Corinthians 16:13-14: Be on the alert, STAND firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

What is STAND?

STAND is a life-changing, year-long internship opportunity at Haycock Camping Ministries. The goal of this year of intense discipleship is to spur young men on to a life of faithful love and service to God, their families, their churches, their communities, and the world. This program fits perfectly with the mission of Haycock and our historical passion of “Growing boys into Godly men”.

Who is eligible to apply for STAND?

Young men ages 18-24 (between 3-6 participants) who are believers in Jesus Christ and desire to grow as Godly men and servant-leaders. Application, references, and an interview are required before admittance into the program.

What is the advantage of this type of program?

Taking a year of intentional growth, reflection, and discovery before a major transition in life (often referred to as a gap year) is very prevalent in other parts of the world, and its popularity is increasing in the United States. This year will be a time for a young man to mature spiritually, emotionally, and physically before they make successful transitions to college, the work force, the mission field, trade school, or whatever the Lord has planned for them next.

What will a young man participating in STAND experience in a year?

  • Be challenged in teaching, relationships, and service experiences to grow as a Man of God.
  • Pick a service option to specialize in at camp – Programs, Maintenance, Kitchen or Leadership – and gain extensive experience serving in that area. You will be an essential part of running camp programs and managing camp facilities as Haycock strives to fulfill our mission of providing Christ-centered camping experiences that lead people to Jesus Christ and train them to serve Him.
  • Be active throughout the year in a local, Bible-teaching church body.
  • Be discipled one-on-one by a member of Haycock’s leadership.
  • Take part in regularly scheduled group and individual Bible/book studies on topics such as theology, Biblical traits of manhood, justice, marriage/family, Biblical life skills, and more.
  • Have fun with other young men and grow in unity together through wilderness experiences and in life together at camp.
  • Experience a year of strong Christian community and encouragement.
  • Complete a personalized educational plan (college credits, GED completion, etc).
  • Assess areas of gifting, interest, and skill set in preparation for future calling/vocation.
  • In the Fall Session (September – January), participants will intentionally focus on developing the character of a Godly man and pursuing this as a life-long goal. This session will also include a focus on personal discipline in all areas of life, the challenge of a 10-day wilderness excursion, and daily physical training as the interns work towards the goal of completing a half or full marathon.
  • In the Spring Session (February – May), interns will take part in an overseas mission’s trip and engage in service opportunities beyond their roles at camp. The goal of this session is to intentionally focus on understanding and applying the qualities of a servant leader in a variety of settings. Participants may also have the opportunity to shadow with a local business, church, or ministry.
  • In the Summer Session (June – August), participants will serve on Haycock’s Summer Staff Team.

What is the cost of STAND?

The cost to participate in this program is $4,275 per year (or $475 per month during the Fall and Spring Sessions from September through May). This fee does not include the costs of the Spring Session Overseas Missions trip – those funds will be raised separately by the interns during the Fall Session. All housing, utilities, adventure trip costs, educational experiences, and most food costs are covered through these expenses. If finances are a concern, candidates are encouraged to use their year-round stipend and summer staff compensation to help pay for STAND and/or pursue raising financial support for this exciting ministry opportunity.

Are STAND interns compensated?

On top of free room and board, interns will receive a $100 monthly stipend for the months of September through May. During the summer months, interns will be paid the regular wages of the summer staff position for which they are hired.

What are the graduation requirements for STAND?

Young men must successfully complete all three sessions to graduate. Monthly evaluations will be given by Hayock staff to encourage areas of personal growth and responsibility.

What if I am interested in applying for STAND?

Young men who are interested in applying for this program should contact Haycock Camping Ministries to request an application. Please contact camp at 610-346-7155 or email us at Young men may start the program at the beginning of either the Summer or the Fall Sessions. Applications for those desiring to start in the summer must be received no later than May 10th. Those desiring to begin the program in the Fall Session must have their applications in by August 10th.



What’s the training about: Sleeping Giant is a book and training material written and produced by Kenny Luck. We have partnered with Kenny and spent time within local church settings applying Sleeping Giant’s ideas and concepts.

During our half day training we are going to give you great next step resource ideas, a solid GAME PLAN, and expert coaching to rev up your ministry to men or help take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

Pastor’s, Men’s Ministry Leaders, and Teams giving direction to men with the local church should plan to attend.

The cost is $59 per man if you register within 10 day of the event date and $69 if you register after! Water, Coffee & Light Snacks will be served.

Group Discount of 4 or more MEN will be $53 per man.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to develop a clear BIBLICAL precedence for investing in Men & advance your ministry to men YEARS by attending this training!


Leadership Education And Development

In partnership with the Antioch School of Church leadership and Leadership Development the PMM Center for Christian Leadership Development is proud to be able to offer our new L.E.A.D. Program. As Certified Leaders and Associate Faculty for this program we are proud to be able to offer this Accredited program to the Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and men of our region. The L.E.A.D. (Leadership Education and Development) Program is a high-quality online leadership development program for select individuals who want to follow their faith into ministry development and education for the 21st century. Students receive first-rate curriculum in biblical interpretation, theology and Christian leadership, and ministerial practice to guide them in leading a more effectively ministry. Students leave the program with the necessary tools and real-world knowledge and practice to be effective leaders in ministry.

Certificate of Ministry

BILD International

For more info on degrees and certificates Click Here!

Antioch School Introductory Video