Center for Christian Leadership Development

The Center for Christian Leadership Development is designed to help pastors, ministry leaders and men learn, grow, and mature in their faith. We offer comprehensive training and leadership development for the local church in the disciplines of men’s discipleship. The Center is the hub for our counseling, educational and training ministries as well as the focal point for pastors and ministry leaders to meet and discuss the issues they face in ministry today. We offer training and seminars on a wide variety of subjects and topics that can be tailored to small and large groups. PointMan Ministries is also creating new presentations that address the key issues of our day.

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Below are some of the training and educational programs and seminars we offer:

Leadership Programs
Man Up!

What does it mean to Man UP?

To Man UP means to learn to fight the battles men face each day and become all the man I was created to be.

The Man Up discovery process begins with the development of Every Man A Warrior groups.

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When Men are engaged, churches flourish

Building leaders God’s Way starts with training and equipping men to succeed in their own home. Men want to know what it looks like to ‘love your wife like Christ loves the Church’. Dads need training on how to ‘bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord’. 

Building godly men who lead well inside the home is a critical starting point to building godly men who will lead well outside the home. Sequence matters and God’s Word reminds us of that.

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Game Plan For Success

Game Plan For Success:

Ministry To Men That Works

Men’s ministry today is characterized by much activity and little impact. Part of the reason for this is men’s propensity toward action. If we are going to build a ministry to men that lasts and has an eternal impact, we will need to build a ministry that has it’s philosophy and principles derived from the Word of God.

In our Game Plan For Success training seminar we will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to develop a ministry to men that will work.

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What’s the training about: Sleeping Giant is a book and training material written and produced by Kenny Luck. We have partnered with Kenny and spent time within local church settings applying Sleeping Giant’s ideas and concepts.


Proven Men Ministries


Every man struggles with sexual integrity and many are stuck in bondage to porn or lust. The good news is that there is a Proven Path to follow that leads toward victory each day.

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Leadership Education And Development


In partnership with the Antioch School of Church leadership and Leadership Development the PMM Center for Christian Leadership Development is proud to be able to offer our new L.E.A.D. Program.


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Man 2 Man

Learn to build a disciple making culture and catalyze missional momentum in any context.


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Pastors Roundtable


The Pastors Roundtable provides resources, instruction, and support for self-facilitated Pastor Peer Learning Groups.

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