2018 Northeast PA Conference Info

March 24, 2018 – Milford, PA

Milford Bible Church, 110 Foxcroft Dr, Milford, PA.

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Keynote Speakers:

Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley, a former Marine, first traveled to Africa in 1996. Crossing crocodile-infested rivers, and wading barefoot through swamps, he delivered food, medicine, clothing and hope to predominantly Christian native people in South Sudan where rebel soldiers battled to stop Islamic jihadists from genocide.This civil war pitted the Muslim and Arab controlled northern Sudan government against the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) from the south. Millions of people have died as a result of war and famine since 1983. Despite denials from the Muslim controlled Sudanese government, they have sponsored genocide, have used chemical weapons and established a thriving slave trade; all perpetrated against the predominantly Christian South. Wes has personally witnessed children die from lack of medication and food, fields where thousands lay dead and people being led away to the slave auction.

Prior to Wes’ work in Africa, God prepared him as a missionary in Russia prisons where he served for five years. Then the Lord led Wes to recognize a greater need in Africa. After much prayer, Wes was convinced that God gave him a vision to reach the entire continent of Africa. In 1998, Wes founded Far Reaching Ministries (FRM).Since its inception in 1998, FRM has graduated nine classes of chaplains, deploying over 400 men throughout Sudan who minister to their fellow soldiers, as well as plant churches in remote villages. In addition, the women’s ministry has flourished. Indigenous women who have matured spiritually are able to start other women’s ministry groups throughout the region. Looking to the future, it is FRM’s hope to host tent revivals in villages all across South Sudan, showing The Jesus Film. The chaplains will share the gift of salvation and establish small bush churches where they will continue to teach God’s Word. Wes believes that South Sudan is at a critical time in history where a great harvest is to be had.  Website


Paul Cole

Paul is one of the world’s leading experts on men’s issues, character maturity and personal life expansion. He is a double outlier having invested over 20,000 hours in the pursuit of masculine excellence. His exploits have taken him from the inside of firefights in Middle Eastern wars to perilous revolutions in the deep jungles of central Nicaragua. He helped Willie Nelson launch the highly successful charity FarmAid, helped launch the most successful AIDS program in African history and tirelessly gives his life and his family to help others. His professional accolades range from Emmy awards to Addy awards to numerous charity and civic awards.  Website


Workshop Speakers:

Speaker        Ministry        Topic
Steve Etner   Pure Man Ministry   How To Transform Sinful Thoughts Into God-Pleasing Patterns Of Life
Ron Fraser   PointMan Ministries   If Nothing Changes, Then Nothing Changes; Changes That Produce Big Results for the Discipleship of Men
Nick Liberto   Proven Men Ministries   Male Strongholds
Jay Cookingham   Strategic Fathering Ministries   Stand Like A Man: Fight Against Passivity
Gary Derr   Crown Financial Ministries   Uncovering Hidden Financial Strongholds
John Powley   PointMan Ministries   What’s Underneath Your Jersey
Rick Cramer   Davis Bible College   What Is Your WHY? What Motivates You As A Man
Pierre Eade   Pastor, Author, Coach   Our Good Father
Dr. Paul Louis Cole   Christian Men’s Network   Manhood 101: Motorcycles, Poetry, and Sex
Kris McFadden   Teen Challenge   Understanding Addiction… An Education & Empowerment
Bill Stevens   Family Life   Biblical Principles For Blended Families
Wes Bentley   Far Reaching Ministries    
Greg Beechaum   Beyond Walls Ministry    
Chris Clugh   Next2Nothing Band