Crusader Groups

Helping Pastors Lead Healthy Lives

Crusader Groups are monthly gatherings of Senior Pastors who are passionate about effective ministry and value the input of a group of trusted peers who are committed to each other’s health and success. Each Crusader Group is facilitated by a trained and highly capable ‘Chair’. The group gatherings include time for :

  • developing a deepening level of relationship among the participants
  • improving leadership skills immediately transferrable to ministry
  • the GPS (Growing Past Stress) process that produces real solutions to current ministry issues.

Participants gain real camaraderie, an expanded perspective, and solutions to perplexing issues.

Why Do I Need a Crusader Group?

In a survey done by the Fuller Institute of Church Growth, 90% of the pastors surveyed felt that they were inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands. Over 70% of pastors surveyed said that they did not have someone they consider a close friend.

Crusader Groups are designed to help pastors overcome these kinds of barriers to healthy, successful ministry. A Crusader Group does this by providing a context in which pastors have a safe place to process leadership issues among trusted peers who are committed to one another’s health and success in ministry.

Crusader Groups Provide:

  • A safe place to meet with other pastors
  • Solutions based problem solving through peer to peer team learning
  • GPS (Growing Past Stress): a unique process to help you deal with obstacles to your ministry
  • A group ‘Chair’ who facilitates group meetings and provides monthly personal coaching
  • A band of brothers who are committed to each other’s health and ministry success
  • Opportunities to interact with national and international leaders
  • Special lay training events designed to reinforce your leadership
  • We actually help you develop teams that really function as a team!

Who’s Invited?

Crusader Groups are comprised of Senior/Lead Pastors of local congregations. The ideal candidate is evangelical, has a learner’s heart, wants to be effective in ministry and desires a more significant role for his/her church in terms of community transformation. Crusader Group members need to be committed to consistent attendance and full participation for their own benefit as well as the benefit of the other participants. Crusader Groups are built on the belief that there is high value and benefit to be found in the wisdom and experience of those participating. Each member contributes significantly to the overall success of the group.

What’s Different About Crusader Groups?

Getting pastors together in small groups is not a new concept. Designing pastors groups with the level of intentionality, solutions orientation and ministry-relevant content experienced among a trusted ‘band of brothers’ is a new concept.

Here are some of the reasons Crusader Groups are unique:

  • Each group a trained facilitator
  • Each participant receives coaching from the facilitator between group meetings
  • Content is relevant and immediately applicable to your ministry setting
  • Each group meeting includes a peer consulting process that targets solutions for current issues
  • Community transformation is a key outcome objective
  • Your church is encouraged to support your participation in the group
  • You and your church have access to learning and development opportunities through the Crusaders network