Engage: Building Your Church Based Ministry to Men


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Engaging men to lead at the local church level is one of the biggest overlooked opportunities facing America’s churches today. The needs of men in the church are being missed, and the health of churches are at risk. Engage begins at a macro level helping to build the vision for your church to a micro level showing how to engage men and meet them at their deepest need, to be engaged in something powerful.

Written from the perspective of 5 men in church leadership, Engage provides the game plan for developing a powerful vision that drives the actions needed from overall men’s ministry down to impactful men’s small groups.

In each chapter, the authors have cut away the fat and delivered 100% Grade-A meat to your table. Engage is a systematic plan starting with the age-old questions, “What is it men are looking for and need in a church?” to “How do I build this ministry?” The answers come from a strong biblical foundation that will help you assess your church and give you tools to both evaluate and create a successful plan of action.

When Men are engaged, churches flourish.